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The most beautiful spring garden in the world
There are usually four reasons why you would like to visit the Netherlands.
It could be because you are interested in Amsterdam, mills/traditional crafts and cheese, Van Gogh or bulbs and flowers so let’s talk about the Netherlands and flowers. The Netherlands has a monarch and flowers have always played a special role with monarchs. Our Dutch destination is Keukenhof and unlike other tourist attractions. Keukenhof is open for only eight weeks of the year, but it far outstrips other attractions in the Netherlands in terms of visitors per week. Enjoy the experience
The Unforgettable Fjord Norway Experience
Follow Lyssiemay Annoh as she survives an encounter with the Viking Kings, journeys across the Fjords and the amazing waterfalls. Her brush with ghosts, the quest to find a seal, a walk through the land where goats rule, and the incredible train journey from Flåm to Bergen up until when she discovers the incurable Norwegian habit - discover the experience
Stuttgart – Germany’s best kept secret.
Visit Stuttgart and you will be enchanted by luxury cars, fine wine, art and festivals
By the end of our visit to Stuttgart, we understood why Gottlieb Daimler wrote a postcard to his wife in 1872, marking a star at where he was living at the time with the saying “From here a star will go out…, “. He knew then that Stuttgart will be putting Germany on the map as the cradle of the automobile - discover the experience
Can we meet in Grenada?
We explore the spice island to evaluate its suitability for the meetings and incentives industry.
What would you say if we suggested that we meet on an island with spice-scented hills, tropical rainforests, powder-white beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters? You may be wondering if this place actually exists. Read about how discovered this unique island called Grenada.

Cyprus – The Island of Aphrodite is “going cultural”
Most Britons and perhaps anyone else who thinks of Cyprus may only seek to visit the country for sun, sea and meze. This is not surprising because before we visited Cyprus, we also considered it as a beach scene and perhaps this is what the Island is primarily renowned for.

This assumption is still accurate because after all it is an island. Nevertheless, it is not an ordinary island – these 22,000 square miles of land has more to offer than fascinating coastlines and beaches - discover the experience

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