Great Names Behind Events

From Weston-super-Mare to the King of event design and production in London

As part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, Executive Traveller chats to Richard Dodgson, Owner and Creative Director at Timebased Events Ltd, an outstanding event design and production agency based in London as we look back at some of the “Great Names Behind Events”.

Bespoke Events Organisers

The Timebased Story

When Richard Dodgson left home at the seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare to join the National Youth Theatre at age 15, little did he know that he will be “glazing” the world of events with his unique ideas and skills. With a passion for German theatre, he embraced Brecht, Büchner, Heiner Müller and contemporary German writers and directors and studied German and Theatre at Manchester University and found himself in Berlin in 1988 where he then spent 18 months working as a professional actor and developing the art of director’s theatre in Germany. In 1996, Richard made a commercial decision and founded Timebased Events in 1996 with the initial aim of offering creative performance ideas and shows as the centerpiece of a corporate event. The premise of Timebased is that the only limitation on the events that the company can produce is time. Each event has a beginning and an end. As a result time efficiency and time management are key to creative event delivery. Timebased quickly established itself as an idea led company delivering media worth event stories. Richard also targeted high profile companies to produce smaller events and shows. This resulted in producing the first ever GQ Men of the Year Awards in 1997 for Condé Nast Publications, an event Timebased are still very proud to be producing 17 years later! It has become one of the biggest awards ceremonies in the UK, judged on media coverage. Over the years Timebased has grown organically and gone from strength to strength creating a vast catalogue of unique and exciting events for a wide variety of brands and organisations including Selfridges, Armani, Guess, Omega, Virgin Media, Ralph Lauren, TalkTalk, Fendi, GM Europe, Westfield, Calvin Klein, Viktor & Rolf and Créme De La Mer. The company is now considered one of the top event agencies in London and Richard is renowned in the industry for his ability to create a sense of theatre, entertainment and engagement in non-theatrical spaces.

How it all began....

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