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When Executive Traveller reached its tenth anniversary in 2013, the achievement made me reflect on what motivated me to create the magazine. A decade plus two now, and I marvel at our accomplishments while looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

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The Executive Traveller Story

Celebrating ten years from 2003-2013

I made travelling my business from a very tender age. I was lucky to follow my father, a very ambitious railwayman, around the globe on business and loved every minute of it. Being the most senior executive of the company he worked for, we did not have to queue or wait for our luggage. We waited in VIP lounges while eager staff checked us through customs, immigration and through gates into the safe world of yesterday. As I developed in life and also found myself in the world of travel, this time in business aviation; I liked working with service providers such as hotels, car rental companies, concierges and all those who make the wheel turn in the world of corporate and affluent travel. I knew that this was the kind of travel that I would like to shout about. Whether it is for business or leisure, why should travelling be a struggle of back aches and a scrum for seats? Security has changed things a bit and makes us leave home longer than we should but when properly planned, travel can still be fun and very comfortable. I believe in productivity and travel. If you feel tired and uncomfortable on journey, you do not perform well to secure that deal. Executive Traveller Magazine was created to facilitate the business of travelling for top executives and affluent travellers and continues to do so to date. Practicality and comfort is all that travelling is about and everyone, if even it is for only once, should endeavour to enjoy the best that travel has to offer and may it always be available to travellers!

How it all began....

The Maiden Edition: Celebrating 100 Years of Flight
We celebrated 100 years of flight with the Wright Brothers on 17 December 1903 through to 2003 when Air France and British Airways announced the retirement of The Concorde and Virgin Atlantic created the Upper Class Suite as Executive Traveller was born… learn about the Concorde and read our special maiden feature and the contents page