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Luxurious Las Vegas: Everything You Need To Know

Las Vegas has long been the playground of the rich and famous, and there is certainly a great deal of luxury and pampering to be had there. So if you are looking for a destination that caters to your every whim, look no further. Just read on for information and advice about getting the most out of your Vegas break.

Getting There
To get to Vegas is pretty easy, you’ll find that at least one major airport in your country will fly directly there. Or you can choose a longer flight with stopovers which will usually cost less money.

Flights to Las Vegas

Of course, before you get on the plane there are some things that you will need to get sorted. In particular, you need all of your paperwork to be in order.

That means you must have your ESTA ready to go, as well as your plane tickets, and hotel reservations. The ESTA is a visa waiver that is unique to the USA. You can get some more info on how to apply if you visit the site by clicking the link. Having an ESTA will allow you to travel for business or pleasure for a maximum of 90 days, and you will need to show this on arrival to customs officials.

Keeping your passport safe

Also on arrival, you may be shocked at the very long lines to get through passport control. But just remember that the USA is very strict on border control so you could be waiting a long time in line at McCarran International Airport before you actually granted entry.

Staying There
Once you have officially been allowed to enter the US, the first thing most folks do is take a cab to their hotel, and freshened up a bit. Of course, you will have already chosen where you are going to stay before you get to the city, but that doesn't mean that everything is set in stone. Remember to ask about upgrades that are available.

As if the hotel isn't that busy you can end up with a luxurious suite instead of a room, for only a minimal extra charge.

One you have installed yourself in your luxurious suite it’s a good idea to take the time and check up the in-house spa menus to see what treatment are on offer.

Spas are a big deal in Vegas, and while they are not the cheapest activity to do, they are one of the most pampering ones. In particular, the in-house spas at the Wynn, Encore, and Bellagio are opulent and exclusive, and will definitely cater to your need for a little luxury in life.

Spas in Las Vegas

Another wonderful way of basking in the luxury of Las Vegas is to involve yourself in the pool scene that is popular over there, between March and September. The pools are not just places to take a dip and cool off, but also play host to dance parties and in some cases casinos as well!

Or you could really treat yourself by renting a cabana like all of the most wealthy guests. Where you will have your own private waiter service, and you can just sit back and enjoy some much-needed relaxation time.

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