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Everything you need to know about Spain

With summer on the way, many of us are starting to think about where we want to visit on vacation. If the thought of travelling too far or paying too much for your trip is putting your off, why not consider booking a vacation to somewhere in Europe?

Relaxing on a Spanish Beach

Of all the countries to choose from in Europe, Spain is one of the best options for a fantastic summer vacation. If you have never visited the country before, then you will be pleasantly surprised by what Spain has to offer. Think gorgeous beaches, warm sea, delicious food, and stunning architecture, and that’s not all.

If the idea of visiting Spain has taken your fancy, then you might be in need of a few vacation planning pointers. And that is where we come in, here are our top tips for planning an amazing summer break to Spain:

Stay near the beach

While Spain has many fantastic inland cities, don’t make the mistake of staying in one during the summer. From May to August, Spain gets very hot, and it’s the type of heat that unless you can dive into the sea, is pretty much unbearable.

Book a resort or accommodation as close to the beach as possible - this will give you a much-needed way to cool off on a hot day. Just make sure that unless you plan on hiring a car, there are good transport links to the nearest city from where you are staying.

Choose your accommodation carefully

Like most areas of Europe, Spain has plenty of fantastic accommodation options to choose from. From luxury hotels and elegant villas to boutique guest houses and family resorts, there is a wide range of accommodation options on offer.

When choosing your accommodation, make sure to take your budget, as well as the needs of yourself and your travel group, into account. If you are travelling on a budget, there are some fantastic Casa Rurales to choose from - these are rooms and apartments that can be rented out for a low price during your trip.

Learn to speak Spanish

Okay, so we’re not saying that by the time you go on vacation, you should be fluent in Spanish. But knowing a few key terms and phrases is a good idea.

While most people in the cities and towns of Spain will speak or understand a little English, there are some areas in Spain where no one will speak it. So, if you plan on doing a little exploring, it is important that before you go, you brush up on your Spanish.

Book yourself on a Spanish crash course a few weeks before your trip and get to grips with a few key terms and phrases. For instance, you should be able to say things like ‘Me gustaría ver’, which means, ‘I would like to see’ and ‘Me gustaría pedir’, which means, ‘I would like to order’. You should also learn a few key terms for food, drink and transport.

Plan your time

There are so many fantastic things to see and do in Spain, that any trip, no matter how long, will go incredibly quickly. If you don’t research and plan out what you want to do in advance, then you may end up missing out on some of the best sights.

Take the time to research all the best things to see and do, as well as all the best restaurants to eat in, and create an itinerary for your trip.

As long as you are well prepared and do lots of planning in advance, you will have a fantastic vacation in Spain. Just make sure that before you go, you know enough Spanish to get by with basic tasks, like ordering dinner.


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