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Yalta in Crimea

Yalta in Crimea
By Lyssiemay Annoh

If you love the sea, greenery and space, Yalta is your destination. It is a unique Riviera with a lot of gems, history and culture. One can easily be forgiven to think that you have arrived into another country when you leave Kiev for Yalta. The two destinations are completely different. One is a very busy hustle bustle destination embellished with historic monuments and character and the other is this peaceful green Riviera with a neat choice of activities. It looks like several other European Riviera put in one place.

The only similarity between Kiev and Yalta I would say is the language and the golden domes on some of its churches which appear to be a typical Ukrainian characteristic for churches. Apart from that, Yalta is a unique Riviera with a lot of greenery.

It is beautiful, “roomy” and relaxing. Yalta’s main street is the Embankment and it is delightful to see its residents strolling along it. There are numerous cafes on the promenade which faces the seaport. Cruise liners and pleasure yachts arrive here to explore the Riviera. The food is good with fresh seafood is readily available on the menu.

Yalta Churches
Not all churches in Yalta are adorned by Golden Domes though; only the Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky built in 1902 in memory of Emperor Alexander II and the Cathedral of Saint John Chrysostom built in 1837 have golden domes. The Cathedral’s bell tower is entered into the all world pilot charts.

Other places of interest include:

The Swallow’s Nest: The famous Swallow’s Nest perches boldly on the sheer Aurora Cliff, a jut of Ai-Todor Cape. The miniature castle was designed by architect L Sherwood and built at the expense of the Baku oil magnate Baron V. Steingel. The exotic Swallow’s Nest has been the scene for many films.Built on a steep rock of Cape Ai-Todor, in the form of a medieval knight’s castle, the Swallow’s nest has become an emblem of the Southern coast of crimea
The Livadia Palace-Museum
Host to the II Black Sea Economic Forum, the Livadia Palace-Museum is a prominent monument of history and architecture of the early 20th century. Apart from its elegant and refined interiors, it is also renowned for hosting the Yalta Conference of Heads of Governments of the anti-Hitler coalition which included the USSR, the USA and Great Britain in February 1945.
The Alupka Palace –Museum
The Alupka Palace Museum is an outstanding monument of history and architecture of the mid 19th century. The Palace was built for Count M Vorontsov by English architect E. Blore and German gardener K Kebach was put in charge of the laying out of the park. Adorned by lions, the palace stand in the huge old park and can be described as arguably the best Crimean Park by the beauty of its landscape compositions.

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