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When it comes European luxury, Italy is always our first port of call. There’s something about the style, fashion, and glamour of Italy that keeps us coming back. The cities are elegant, culturally rich, and inspiring. Not only that but landscape is beautiful. From the lakes in the north to the stunning coastlines, there are few places as pretty as Italy.

We haven’t even mentioned the food yet! Italy is simply decadent when it comes to top class restaurants, wine and - most importantly - ice cream. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Italy’s most luxurious travel spots.


We’ll start in the north with the ski resort of Dolomites. It is an exclusive location surrounded by the magnificent Alps. In the summer, the valleys look like something out of The Sound of Music. In winter, the luxury cabins and lodges open their doors to skiers from all over the world. With some of the best apres ski restaurants and bars in Europe, Dolomites is hard to ignore.

Amalfi Coast

Until you’ve visited this wonderful coastline, you won’t quite believe the colours on show. The coast is lined with mesmerising orange, yellow, and red villas. Set against lush green hills and balanced with the rich blue of the sea, it’s just phenomenal. It’s a rich palette of exotic colours, and it screams luxury. The food here is among the best in Italy with fresh seafood on offer.

Italian Riviera

Although the Italian Riviera doesn’t have the same reputation as its French cousin, there is still something special here. We’ve spent many luxurious weekends in Sanremo and further up the coast in Genoa. You’ll find guaranteed sun, casinos, yachts and Michelin starred restaurants. It’s also much quieter than the likes of Cannes, Nice and St. Tropez across the border.

The Lakes

Holidaymakers often overlook the Italian lakes. Nestled up near the Swiss border, Lake Como, Maggiore and Garda are simply beautiful. They stretch as far as the eye can see and are beset by the rolling Alpine foothills. The local towns boast traditional boutiques, restaurants and luxurious Italian homes. If you get chance to visit this part of Italy, do spend a few days here. You won’t regret it.


Of course, no article about Italy would be complete without its capital city. Rome boasts some of the country’s most significant cultural and historical artifacts. You’ll find the Colosseum and renaissance palaces. The city is also home to the finest restaurants in the country.


Rome might be the culture capital of Italy, but Milan is the style capital. It is a design and style metropolis with many insiders calling it the most important fashion city on the planet. Not only that, but it is home to Italy’s stock exchange, making it the wealthiest city in the country. Milan and luxury go hand in hand.

We could go on and on. We’ve barely touched on the luxury cities, and we could extend this guide to Venice, Florence and Bologna. Italy is synonymous with luxury with its traditions, culture and cuisine. Try it for yourself.

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