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Travelling Round Limpopo and the Eastern Cape

By Lyssiemay Annoh

When Executive Traveller joined the Sunsation Media team from London (UK) to Johannesburg to explore Limpopo and the Eastern Cape of South Africa, I did not know what to expect; especially as before you visit South Africa most of the visitor's information is centered on Cape Town.

All these feelings were suddenly transformed into excitement when I arrived in Limpopo . Limpopo and the Eastern Cape of South Africa have an abundance of wildlife and are perfect for bird-watching and water sports. It is the home of renowned safari destinations like the Royal Malewane, Kruger and Shamwari.

Breathtaking is the only word I can find to describe the scene from the aircraft as the plane prepared to land at Hoedspruit. My heart leapt with joy as I saw the variety of antelopes (Impalas, as they call them in South Africa ) race across the airstrip. This is Africa as I would like to see it. The airstrip had Land Rovers, friendly people and animals roaming freely across large acres of land adjacent to it.

My first night was at The Coach House at Agatha*****. Just as it name predicts it is beautiful, spacious and homely. More like having your private bungalow than staying at a hotel. From the food, landscape, to the beautiful Spa—the whole Coach House experience needs to be shared.

We continued to Royal Malewane in Limpopo . A Game Reserve with a luxurious difference. Safari is the name of the game on any visit to Africa, especially to the eastern and southern part of Africa . Be prepared to wake up very early in the morning or venture the evenings out if you want to see the ‘big five’ ( lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) . It is a ranger’s pride if he manages to show his guests the ‘big five’ in any game reserve and our guides at the Royal Malewane were not leaving anything to chance. Many reserves have all the big five, but it's not that easy to see them all, particularly leopard. Leopards are nocturnal, secretive and well camouflaged, but there are some reserves where they are easily spotted. However, just being in the bush, seeing tiny animals like ants and frogs and learning the relationship between them, can be even more exciting than a procession of lions and elephants. So, even if you miss out on one or two of the big guys, you'll still have a great time especially as the rangers will not miss an opportunity to tell you about any creature they come across!

The Eastern Cape welcomed us with the beaches, yachts, casinos, and shopping malls with a difference and Night Life. It will not be fair to say that these are the main attractions in the Province because it has a different Township experience and one of the best Safaris in the Country. Shamwari Game Reserve is in a class of its own with five or so different properties to choose from. Whether you are a camper, a chalet fanatic or simply adore the joys of sleeping comfortably, you are not short of choices.

I could not leave South Africa with visiting Johannesburg and the history Soweto brings to this Country. I think I can say that I understood some of the pain they may have experienced during the difficult times but above all I saw that bed Winnie and Nelson Mandela shared and left the Country very well fed and entertained! What more could one ask for? ...Exactly.

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Executive Traveller 2003