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Ghana the land of hope and glory - A visitor is always welcome to this destination where the people always smile first before they think of anything else.

The total land area of Ghana is 238,538 square kilometres (92,100 square miles); the southern coast line being 554 kilometres (334 miles) wide and the distance from the south to the north being 840 kilometres (522 miles). Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea and boarded on north by Burkina Faso on the east by the Republic of Togo and on the West by Cote d’Ivoire.

Beaches in Ghana

Today, the population of Ghana is about 20 million with the highest population densities on the urban areas. The principal ethnic groups are the Akans who constitute about 45% of the population is made up of the Ashanti, the Fanti, the Ahanta, the Guan, the Bonu, the Akyem, the Akwamu, the Kwahu, the Akwapim, the Sefwi and the Nzema; the Mole, Dagbani, 16% is made up of Nanumba, Dagbani, Mamprusi, Wala, Bruilsa, Frafra, Talensi and Kusasi; the Ewe, 13% made up of the Anlo, the Some, the Tongu and the Ewedome; the Ga-Adangbe, 9% made up of the Ga, the Shai or Adamgbe, the Ada and the Krobo or the Kloli; the Gurma, 4% and the Grusi, 2% made up of the Mo, the Sisala, the Kasena, the Vagala and the Tampolene,. Living among the Ewe are non-Ewe speaking groups such as the Akpafu, the Lolobi, the Likpe, the Santrokofi, the Nkonya, the Avatime, the Logba and the Tafii.

The Ahana people of Ghana

One way to discover and learn more about Ghanaians is by visiting some of its markets.

The markets of Accra
Amongst the most famous markets of Accra are Makola market located on Kojo Thompson Road, and the Osu Night Market, where market stalls are illuminated by hundreds of lanterns and candles.

Makola Shopping Mall
Located at the Accra Central. Has adequate car parking space. The market was recently constructed to replace the old one with the same name. One can obtain beautiful African Textiles, Foodstuffs, Traditional Cloths and clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. It also houses a bank, restaurants, offices, etc. Because of its central location it enjoys a lot of patronage from residents in Accra and tourists alike.

Agbogbloshie Market
Located near the Timber Market on the Fadama Road. This is another newly constructed market. It enjoys all the facilities as the Makola Shopping Mall.

Other local markets found in Accra are the Kaneshie Market Complex located on the Mallam-Odorkor Road, Kaneshie, and the Kantamanto Market also located in central Accra is the capital's local and largest flea market. Items sold here are mostly imported second hand cloths, shoes and household items.
Kaneshie market in Accra-Ghana

Chieftaincy and Culture

Chieftaincy is one of the most enduring traditional institutions in Ghana, which has displayed remarkable resilience from pre-colonial through colonial to postcolonial times. In the past, the role of a chief was to lead his people in war to defend, protect and extend their territories. The modern role is to combat poverty and other social ills: illiteracy, ignorance, environmental degradation, and the depletion of resources. Nowadays, chiefs are under pressure to achieve good governance in their traditional areas.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu, is the 16th Asantehene, the traditional King of the Ashanti people in Ghana. He ascended the Golden Stool on 26 April 1999. By name, he is in direct succession to the founder of the Empire of Ashanti, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I.

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J. E. Casely-Hayford: Founder of the National Congress of British West Africa.


Gladys May Casely Hayford: Pioneer African Female Poet of Harlem Renaissance and Cultural Luminary of her day.


Dr James Emman Kwegir Aggrey: The greatest and special African of all time.
Dr. Robert Patrick Baffour:  First man to identify that Ghana has an oil potential and also inventor of famous Ghanaian-made automobile "Boafo" motors.