What really makes a cruise stand out from any holiday is where you go.

Our selected cruise options are chosen with care because being on the right ship or boat can make or break your experience. For extra luxury, it is well upgrading to luxury ships or boats with spas and other extra options. A cruise holiday is the perfect antidote for stress because luxury usually comes as standard on cruises!

The real beauty of a cruise is that you can do as much or as little as you like. Entertainment is a big aspect of any cruise. On the smaller boats, like luxury motor yachts it is usually up to you or your party to make the best out of the trip. Cruise ships on the other hand, visit around 2000 ports around the world and cruises will take you virtually anywhere. It is important to find out how many ports of call your ship will be making during the time frame you have for your journey because if you are on a big ship, you will need a few days just to explore the ship itself! On a typical cruise, you can take it easy on your first day either sun bathing or resting because every morning thereafter you will wake up at a different port of call it is even more fun if you can have the opportunity to enjoy some activities on land, this way you have the best of both worlds  

Ten Things Not to Do on a Cruise Ship Balcony
Ah, the allure of a cabin with a balcony: They say once you've tried it, you'll never go back. Fresh ocean breezes. Coffee and a morning newspaper on your very own swath of decking. Perfect views of sailaway each day. What's not to love? Quite a bit, it seems, if you're in the vicinity of a fellow cruiser who hasn't brushed up on proper balcony etiquette. The first rule to keep in mind is that the "private veranda" you booked isn't actually so private. Other passengers can hear, see and often smell -- yes, smell -- you, so be careful what you do, and be mindful of the others on surrounding verandas. Here are 10 things not to do on a cruise balcony.

Luxury yachts

Luxury yacht vacations provide an unsurpassed taste of freedom, elegance and style. Luxury charter yachts may cost no more than an exclusive hotel or cruise on a ship, however unlike a cruise ship or hotel you have ultimate privacy, control and freedom. You and your friends will be the only guests aboard the luxury yacht and the only ones the crew need attend. The service is professional, personalized and friendly. Exquisite cuisine is prepared, to your liking, by your own personal chef and you can dine whenever and wherever you like. Join the growing numbers who sail in absolute luxury on their vacation, when and where they command.

Luxury yachts vary in size, style and function. The largest and most lavishly appointed charter boats, however, tend to be power boats. Luxury boats are also usually equipped with sea ‘toys’, for your entertainment. Kayaks, windsurfers, water-ski, jet skis, and dive equipment, to name a few, are not uncommon. The largest super yachts also accommodate a helicopter pad, submarine bay, gyms and cinemas. Every charter boat has its own tender speed boat to ferry passengers ashore to the beach during the day or to dine out at night.

Cruise by Rail
What more graceful way to travel than by combining rail and cruising – whether by river, sea or canal? Leave the stress of the road and the air behind and come with us on a journey of a more

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