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One-on-One with Chef William “Billy” Boyle
American born Billy Boyle started his career to become a chef at the age of 13 and has worked his way up through kitchens and culinary schools to be the excellent Chef that he is today. The Executive Head Chef of Marigot Bay Resort & Marina joined the Resort's F&B team with 15 years of culinary experience gained from top dining establishments across the United States including the Jer-ne Restaurant at Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey, California and LAVO at The Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Executive Traveller caught up with Chef Boyle for a tête-à-tête.

Chef Billy Boyle of Marigot Bay Resort & Marina

Fifteen years of culinary experience, would you say that your training and expertise impact on this position?
Absolutely; hospitality is important. I love cooking food and I also like to get out of the kitchen, talk to clients and create an experience. For example, today, I will be cooking for guests in a suite and we have been sending each other emails prior to the experience to plan the event; we will also exchange emails after the experience so that I can receive their feedback and comments.

What would you say has been your greatest challenge since arriving at Marigot Bay Resorts & Marina?
Procurement. We work with the knowledge that we cannot always get the ingredients that we want to use for a dish.

Have you had to revamp the Menu?
Yes, several times. I do this often. For example:
• For the Rum Cave, we changed the original sharing style to sandwiches, tapas and pop-ups
• 3 months ago, we changed the menu in The Grill at 14°61° to make it a traditional steakhouse.
• The Pool and Swim-up Brut bar now serves sushi and ceviche

"... My favourite people in the world are cooks and dishwashers; these are my people and this is who I am. I worked my way up the cooking ladder."

How often do you review the Menu?
I review the menu quarterly or at the minimum, twice a year.

In your experience does food cost factor into the menu creation?
Every menu of ours is costed and we are competitive.

What is your signature dish for The Grill at 14°61° and how did that come about?
I do not have a signature dish. I like to see what is fresh and cook it creatively. We have some interesting things like
• Cocoa fondue in a coal pot
• Banana jam
• Rum cake
• Pumpkin donut
• Private dinner in the tree house

What do you like so much about being a Chef?
I like cooking, hospitality and creating an experience for people to enjoy. I am happy when my guest is happy. I like every day to be different; above all, I like cooking for a lot of people. My favourite people in the world are cooks and dishwashers; these are my people and this is who I am. I worked my way up the cooking ladder.

If you were going to be left alone on a desert island, what would you take with you?
I will take my music, a pretty girl and some coconut water.

What advice would you give to any young person who wants to become a Chef?
Do not spend all your time in a culinary school before going out to work as a Chef. Work for free in any kitchen that will take you and gain some experience.

Prior to joining the culinary team at Marigot Bay, Chef Boyle led the food and beverage operations at The James Royal Palm in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

Executive Traveller 2003