Car Rental

Things you have to be aware of:

Even though road rage is rare, sadly they do exist. The most trivial of incidents can spark a road rage situation, so to help reduce your chances of becoming involved in a road rage incident, drive with consideration for others, keep your distance from other vehicles and try to avoid eye contact with other drivers. If you are confronted, we recognize that it is not easy but try and remain calm and don't react angrily or with violent gestures.

Keep an eye on your belongings: If possible take someone else with you, especially when driving at night on unfamiliar roads. Lock all valuables and bags in the boot. Smaller items you need to keep handy should be kept in the glove compartment or out of sight under a seat. If you must keep items nearby, secure them with a seat belt - through the handle of a briefcase or bag for example. This will also protect occupants from flying objects in a collision.

If you have one, use a mobile phone to let someone else have your car details. Have useful numbers pre-programmed into your mobile so that you can call someone quickly if necessary.


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