Quaint Places to stay at the airport

YOTELAIR,London Gatwick Airport

You have not seen it all with airport accommodation until you have tried the YOTELAIR London Gatwick Airport. The train or airline cabin style accommodation is just what you need if you simply want a private space to rest or work prior to departure or soon after arrival at the airport.

Aerotel at London Heathrow

• The only airport hotel connected to Terminal 3 and close to Terminal 2

• New airport facility available in six-hour slots

• Ideal for travellers arriving late or departing early, or with a long layover

Conveniently located in the east wing of Terminal 3 arrivals, Aerotel is also easily accessible by foot from Terminal 2, the central bus station and Heathrow Express. Aerotel is offering customers 30% off the cost of their booking on stays between 1 May 2018 and 1 July 2018. Room packages at Aerotel London start from £50 for six hours. Stays can be booked at www.myaerotel.com.

Corporate retreats

When seeking a retreat destination Choose a destination that is going to get the best out of your team.

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From Poland to North America, the Middle East and the Dead Sea – Israel, we share some exclusive

Strictly private dining

London is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think about chic boutique hotels. When you mention hotels...

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A new wave of luxury travel is being born

When Virgin Atlantic first introduced premium economy, the intent was really to create a new option for business travellers, when there was such a big price difference between business and economy. The idea was to offer business travellers a real option if they wanted a bit more legroom and a bit more luxury. Today, more and more leisure travellers are booking into the cabin as well to enjoy the same perks as business travellers.

Even the “so-called” budget carriers are catching up on the game. They offer premium seats in the shape of extra legroom and priority boarding. The unfortunate thing is that while these new developments are going on, legroom is being squeezed in economy cabins and creating new luxury travellers either in the from of the plane or in premium economy.

Does this mean that the use of first class is becoming obsolete because of this new wave of travel? In the UK especially, while negotiations with Brexit continue to drag, businesses are reflecting on how corporate travel is managed. Gone are days when every business traveller travelled in business class. Today, for most companies, unless the journey is more than 4 hours, everyone, including the corporate “big wigs” travel in economy. This means that beyond 4 hours it is a choice between the business class or premium economy depending upon your “rank”.

Somebody must be using the first-class cabin otherwise the airlines would have scrapped it by now. The pleasure now falls on affluent travellers travelling for leisure. The interesting thing is that most of these corporate travellers can also afford to travel First Class during their leisure journeys because they would have accumulated a lot of airmiles from business travel to be able to upgrade themselves into First Class.

In reaction to demand, most short haul flights do not offer any first-class cabins at all and quite right too because they acknowledge that air travel lifestyle has changed.

While air travel lifestyle is changing, the same cannot be said for accommodation or food and drink. The demand for quality hotels and exquisite eateries is at an all-time high. I guess that if you missed the opportunity to catch up on your beauty sleep for the sheer lack of a flat bed, you will need a very comfortable bed. Many companies have brokered deals with many hotels with the hope of providing them with frequent travellers and this relationship is working out quite well. With regards to food and drink, who wants to give the impression to a client that they are not doing well? If you broker a deal with a client, you want to show them that they are dealing with quality. This is one area where corporate habits have not changed much and is still thriving.

Call it luxury, call it affluence, call it whatever you like, but be creative because travel is the greatest hobby ever and insofar as service providers continue to be creative and instil quality in their service whether for business or leisure, they will always have users.

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